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Marshall, Christabel

Birth Name Marshall, Christabel Gertrude
Also Known As

St John, Christopher
Marshall, Christabel;
Willett, Joanna C. M.

Other Y90s Pen Name Christopher St John
Same As
Assigned Sex Other
Birth Date 1871
Death Date 1960
Birth Place

38 High Street, Exeter, England
Death Place

West View, Tenterden, Kent, England
Educated At

Somerville College, Oxford

Member Of

Stage Society; Women’s Social and Political Union; Catholic Women’s Suffrage Society; Women Writers’ Suffrage League

Published With Green Sheaf Press
Contribution Type direct
Contributed To,,,,
Friend Of Hall, Radclyffe
Troubridge, Una
Colleague Of Terry, Ellen
Craig, Edith
Hamilton, Cicely
Thursby, Charles
Smith, Pamela Colman
Intimate Of Atwood, Clare
Sackville-West, Vita
Gordon-Woodhouse, Violet
Craig, Edith