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Meynell, Alice

Birth Name Alice Christiana Gertrude Thompson
Also Known As

Mrs. Meynell

Same As
Assigned Sex Female
Birth Date 1847
Death Date 1922
Birth Place

Barnes, Surrey, England
Death Place

Granville Place, London, England
Member Of

Women’s Suffrage League
Catholic Women’s Suffrage Society
Roman Catholic Church

Published With John Lane and Elkin Mathews
John Lane, The Bodley Head
Contribution Type direct
Contributed To;
Legal Spouse Of Meynell, Wilfrid John
Parent Of Meynell, Francis
Meynell, Viola
Sibling Of Butler, Elizabeth Southernden
Thompson, Elizabeth
Friend Of Tynan, Katharine
Patmore, Coventry
Thompson, Francis
Moore, George Augustus
Housman, Laurence
Meredith, George
Syrett, Mabel
Watson, Rosamund Marriott
Colleague Of King, K. Douglas
Housman, Laurence
Mentor Of Thompson, Francis