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The Y90s Network

Network visualization offers a high-level view of the Yellow Nineties community documented by this project. Each node in the network is either a contributor to one of the magazines curated by Y90s 2.0 (the Yellow Book, Evergreen: A Northern Seasonal, Green Sheaf, Pagan Review, and/or Savoy) OR a person of cultural significance who had ties to a Y90s magazine contributor. The edges are social, professional, and familial connections between persons. For more detailed definitions of these terms, see the Data Model section. Data collected by Alison Hedley and Marion Grant and visualized by Alison Hedley. This project is a work in progress.

An overview of the entire Y90s Personography, modelled to document interpersonal connections. Many outliers have no interpersonal relationships recorded in our database. Larger and darker nodes have more connections. Created using Gephi (Yifan Hu algorithm).
A detailed look at the densest part of the relational network. Larger and darker nodes have more interpersonal connections. Created using Gephi (Yifan Hu algorithm; some nodes shifted manually for improved visibility).