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To explore the Y90s Personography:

Search returns include data from the digital editions and editorial apparatus on Yellow Nineties 2.0. Returns specific to the Y90s Personography are visually identifiable by a circular network graph.

The Y90s Personography includes data cards for each contributor and publisher associated with the 8 titles on the Y90s magazine rack. Each entry in the database opens as a webpage that hyperlinks to related entities and identifies associated magazine volumes.

To search for contributors:

Type the individual person’s name in the search bar as Last, First.

Example: Lane, John

Image grab of a search for John Lane

To search for publishers:

Review list of publishers and printers associated with specific titles and volumes of Y90s magazines.

Enter the name of the press in the search bar in natural order.

Example: John Lane, The Bodley Head

Image grab of a search for John Lane and the Bodley Head

For more information: