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Y90s Print and Performance Visualization Gallery

This gallery allows for side by side comparison of the Y90s Print and Performance dataset visualizations. Each periodical has three visualizations. Each visualization highlights a specific part of the dataset according to correspondence type, correspondence amount, addressee, and writer. The correspondence types include political, theatre, personal, business, or other. The addressee in each visualization is either Ellen Terry or Edith Craig. The writers are all contributors to the Yellow Nineties magazines.

The Circle Visualizations best highlight the type of correspondence sent to Ellen Terry or Edith Craig.

The Circle Packing Diagram best displays the amount of correspondence sent to either Terry or Craig, and is organized by the different correspondence types.

The Alluvial Diagrams best display the amount of correspondence addressed to either Terry or Craig from contributors in each dataset.

Overall Dataset Visualizations

The Dial Dataset Visualizations

The Green Sheaf Dataset Visualizations

The Pagent Dataset Visualizations

The Savoy Dataset Visualizations

The Yellow Book Data Visualizations