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Craig, Edward Gordon

Birth Name Godwin, Edward
Same As
Assigned Sex Male
Birth Date 1872
Death Date 1966
Birth Place

Railway Street, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England
Death Place

Vence, France
Educated At

Bradfield College

Member Of

Society of Wood Engravers; Knights of Dannebr√łg; Royal Society of Arts

Contribution Type direct
Contributed To,
Play director
Stage designer
Theatre director
Woodcut Artist
Parent Of Craig, Edward
Child Of Godwin, Edward William
Terry, Ellen
Sibling Of Craig, Edith
Relative Of Irving, Henry
Gregory, Augusta
Friend Of Pryde, James
Nicholson, William
Shaw, Martin
Smith, Pamela Colman
Colleague Of Terry, Ellen
Duncan, Isadora
Shaw, Martin
Housman, Laurence
Yeats, W. B.
Intimate Of Duncan, Isadora