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Smith, Pamela Colman

Also Known As

P. C. S.

Same As
Assigned Sex Female
Birth Date 1878
Death Date 1951
Birth Place

28 Belgrave Road, Pimlico, Middlesex, England
Death Place

Bencoolen House, Bude, Cornwall, England
Educated At

Pratt Institute of Art

Member Of

Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn; Independent and Rectified Rite of the Golden Dawn; Dun Emer; Irish Literary Society; The Masquers; Suffrage Atelier

Published With
Contribution Type direct
Contributed To,,,,,,,,, htt
Friend Of Craig, Edward Gordon
Smith, Pamela Colman
Crane, Walter
Gregory, Augusta
Masefield, John
Paine, Albert Bigelow
Yeats, W. B.
Terry, Ellen
Stoker, Bram
Shaw, George Bernard
Craig, Edith
Farr, Florence
Ransome, Arthur
Powell, F. York
Colleague Of AE
Smith, Pamela Colman
Yeats, Jack B.
Yeats, W. B.
Terry, Ellen
Irving, Henry
Waite, Arthur Edward
Craig, Edith
Tadema, Laurence Alma
Synge, J. M.