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Farr, Florence

Also Known As

Lester, Mary; Emery, Florence; S. S. D. D

Same As
Assigned Sex Female
Birth Date 1860
Death Date 1917
Birth Place

Southlands, Bromley, Kent, England
Educated At

Queen’s College, Harley Street, London

Member Of

Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn; Theosophical Society

Published With John Lane and Elkin Mathews
John Lane, The Bodley Head
Contribution Type direct
Contributed To
Stage manager
Theatre producer
Vice-chancellor or principal
Friend Of Yeats, W. B.
Pound, Ezra
Smith, Pamela Colman
Moore, T. Sturge
Colleague Of Todhunter, John
Moore, T. Sturge
Ricketts, Charles
Shakespear, O.
Shaw, George Bernard
Yeats, W. B.
Intimate Of Shaw, George Bernard