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Housman, Clemence

Same As
Assigned Sex Female
Birth Date 1861
Death Date 1955
Birth Place

Bromsgrove, UK
Death Place

Bristol, UK
Educated At

City and Guilds South London Technical Art School, Kennington
Miller’s Lane City and Guilds School, South Lambeth

Member Of

Women’s Social and Political Union
Suffrage Atelier
Women’s Tax Resistance League

Published With John Lane, The Bodley Head
Pear Tree Press
Essex House Press
Contribution Type direct
Contributed To
Textile and embroidery design
Woodcut Artist
Child Of Housman, Edward
Williams, Sarah Jane
Sibling Of Housman, Laurence
Housman, Alfred
Friend Of Woodroffe, Paul Vincent
Grigg, F.L.
Colleague Of Glazier, Louise
Guthrie, James J.
Housman, Laurence
Baillie, John
Ashbee, C. R.
Lane, John
Savage, Reginald
Woodroffe, Paul Vincent
Tollemache, Grace E.
Mentor Of Woodroffe, Paul Vincent
Mentored By Roberts, Charles