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Baillie, John

Same As
Assigned Sex Male
Birth Date 1868
Death Date 1926
Birth Place

Wellington, New Zealand
Death Place

Wellington, New Zealand
Member Of

New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts; Wellington Art Club; New English Art Club

Contribution Type direct
Contributed To,
Art agent
Art gallery director
Sibling Of Baillie, Rosa
Friend Of Nairn, James
Colleague Of Sickert, Walter Richard
French, Cecil
Monk, William
Glazier, Louise
Guthrie, James J.
Halford, Constance
Housman, Clemence
Maugham, W. Somerset
Monsell, E.
Park, Carton Moore
Shannon, Charles H.
Smith, Pamela Colman
Pissarro, Lucien
Duncan, John
Tuke, Henry Scott