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Monsell, E.

Birth Name Monsell, Elinor
Also Known As

Darwin, Elinor; E. M.

Same As
Assigned Sex Female
Birth Date 1879
Death Date 1954
Birth Place

Limerick, Ireland
Death Place

Educated At

Slade School of Art

Member Of

Eugenics Society; New English Art Club

Published With Vale Press
Contribution Type direct
Contributed To,
Book designer
Woodcut Artist
Legal Spouse Of Darwin, Bernard
Parent Of Darwin, Robert
Sibling Of Monsell, J.
Relative Of Furse, Charles Wellington
de Vere, Aubrey
Raverat, Gwen
Friend Of Woolf, Virginia
Colleague Of Darwin, Bernard
Yeats, W. B.
Gwynn, Stephen
Baillie, John
Gregory, Augusta
Mentor Of Raverat, Gwen
Mentored By Binyon, Laurence