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Bradley, Katharine Harris

Also Known As

Leigh, Arran

Same As
Assigned Sex Female
Birth Date 1846
Death Date 1914
Birth Place

Death Place

Educated At

University College Bristol
College de France
Newnham College, Cambridge

Member Of

Guild of St. George

Contribution Type direct
Avatars Field, Michael
Extralegal Spouse Of Cooper, Edith Emma
Friend Of Ricketts, Charles
Shannon, Charles H.
Le Gallienne, Richard
Gray, John
Johnson, Lionel Pigot
Lee, Vernon
Rothenstein Will
Symons, Arthur
Wilde, Oscar
Pater, Walter
Moore, T. Sturge
Browning, Robert
Berenson, Bernard
Colleague Of Ricketts, Charles
Bradley, Katharine Harris
Shannon, Charles H.
Cooper, Edith Emma