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Symons, Arthur

Also Known As


Same As
Assigned Sex Male
Birth Date 1865
Death Date 1945
Birth Place

Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire, Wales
Death Place

Island Cottage, Wittersham, Kent, England
Member Of

Rhymers’ Club

Published With
Contribution Type direct
Contributed To,,,,,,,, https://1890s.c
Friend Of Blind, Mathilde
Symons, Arthur
Conder, Charles Edward
Cooper, Edith Emma
Ellis, Havelock
Field, Michael
Enderby, Samuel Green
Yeats, W. B.
Bradley, Katharine Harris
Horne, Herbert P.
Beardsley, Aubrey
Gosse, Edmund
Moore, George Augustus
Pater, Walter
Schreiner, Olive
Symonds, John Addington
Wratislaw, Theodore
Gyles, Althea
de Mattos, A. Teixeira
Moore, T. Sturge
Verlaine, Paul
Colleague Of Beardsley, Aubrey
Symons, Arthur
Smithers, Leonard
Mentor Of Carman, Bliss
Intimate Of Hacon, Ryllis Llewellyn