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Shannon, Charles H.

Also Known As

Charles Hazelwood Shannon
Charles Haslewood Shannon

Same As
Assigned Sex Male
Birth Date 1863
Death Date 1937
Birth Place

Quarrington, Lincolnshire, England
Death Place

21 Kew Gardens Road, Richmond, London, England
Educated At

Lambeth School of Art

Member Of

New English Art Club; Royal Academy

Published With The Bodley Head
Vale Press
Contribution Type direct
Contributed To,,,,,,,,,,,,
Woodcut Artist
Extralegal Spouse Of Ricketts, Charles
Friend Of Cooper, Edith Emma
Shannon, Charles H.
Field, Michael
Pissarro, Lucien
Bradley, Katharine Harris
Moore, T. Sturge
Halford, Constance
Rackham, Arthur
White, J. W. Gleeson
Savage, Reginald
Bottomley, Gordon
Gray, John
Holmes, Charles
Raven-Hill, Leonard
Colleague Of Bradley, Katharine Harris
Shannon, Charles H.
Cooper, Edith Emma
Field, Michael
Pissarro, Lucien
Way, Thomas
White, J. W. Gleeson
Housman, Laurence
Baillie, John
Mentor Of Moore, T. Sturge
Mentored By Roberts, Charles