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Hunt, Violet

Same As
Assigned Sex Female
Birth Date 1862
Death Date 1942
Birth Place

Old Velvet, Durham, England
Death Place

South Lodge, Campden Hill, London
Educated At

Kensington School of Art

Member Of

Women Writers’ Suffrage League; PEN

Contribution Type direct
Contributed To
Child Of Hunt, Alfred William
Hunt, Margaret Raine
Friend Of Wilde, Oscar
James, Henry
Pound, Ezra
Conrad, Joseph
Lewis, Wyndham
West, Rebecca
Lawrence, D. H.
Mayne, Ethel Colburn
Sharp, Evelyn
Sinclair, May
Ruskin, John
Stoker, Bram
Bennett, Enoch Arnold
Hall, Radclyffe
Richardson, Dorothy Miller
Colleague Of Hueffer, Ford Madox
Lang, Andrew
Intimate Of Maugham, W. Somerset
Boughton, George Henry
Wells, H.G.
Hueffer, Ford Madox
Crawfurd, Oswald