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Maugham, W. Somerset

Same As
Assigned Sex Male
Birth Date 1874
Death Date 1965
Birth Place

Paris, France
Death Place

Nice, France
Educated At

King’s College School, Canterbury
St. Thomas’s Hospital, London

Member Of

Royal Society of LIterature; Garrick Club

Contribution Type direct
Contributed To
Intelligence operative
Legal Spouse Of Maugham, Syrie
Friend Of Leverson, Ada
Syrett, Netta
Brooks, John Ellingham
Beerbohm, Max
D’Arcy, Ella
Beardsley, Mabel
Colleague Of Baillie, John
Housman, Laurence
Churchill, Winston
Intimate Of Hunt, Violet
Brooks, John Ellingham
Haxton, Frederick Gerald
Jones, Ethelwyn Sylvia