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Beardsley, Aubrey

Other Y90s Pen Name Albert Foschter, Philip Broughton
Same As
Assigned Sex Male
Birth Date 1872
Death Date 1898
Birth Place

Brighton, England
Death Place

Menton, France
Educated At

Westminster School of Art

Published With
Also Published With
Contribution Type direct
Contributed To,,,,,,,,
Insurance clerk
Sibling Of Beardsley, Mabel
Friend Of A New Writer
Beardsley, Aubrey
Adamson, Sydney
Harland, Henry
Leverson, Mrs. Ernest
Gray, John
Rothenstein Will
Beerbohm, Max
Syrett, Netta
Hacon, Ryllis Llewellyn
Conder, Charles Edward
Pennell, Joseph
Colleague Of Harland, Henry
Lane, John
Housman, Laurence
Symons, Arthur
Smithers, Leonard
Mentored By Rothenstein Will