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Gosse, Edmund

Same As
Assigned Sex Male
Birth Date 1849
Death Date 1928
Birth Place

56 Mortimer Road, De Beauvoir Town, Hackney, Middlesex, England
Death Place

London, England
Member Of

Royal Society of Literature; Anglo-French Society

Published With The Bodley Head
Contribution Type direct
Contributed To,,,,
Library clerk
Relative Of Waugh, Arthur
Tadema, Laurence Alma
Tadema, Lawrence Alma
Friend Of Dobson, Austin
Gosse, Edmund
Swinburne, Algernon Charles
Rossetti, Dante Gabriel
Hardy, Thomas
Thomas, Edith
Brown, Ford Madox
James, Henry
Sargent, John S.
Craigie, Pearl
Marzials, Theo
Dobson, Frances Mary
Stevenson, Robert Louis
Chesterton, G. K.
Strettell, Alma
Leighton, Frederic
Housman, Alfred
Symons, Arthur
Colleague Of Blaikie, J. A.
Garnett, Richard
Rudland, Florence M.
Mentor Of Naidu, Sarojini